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System Requirements

  • 512 meg of ram memory
  • Pentium 4 or equivalent microprocessor
  • Windows7/Windows8/Windows10
  • At least 50meg of hard disk space for the average database
  • CD-ROM for loading


Breeder Pro


Number of records limited only by size of hard drive x x x
No limit on number of individual databases   x x
User defined pedigree screens enabling user to determine which fields to display (color, registration number, etc.). User can save multiple formats for future use.  x x x
Data entry from pedigree screen or at individual record level.
Includes one-step search of existing database for parent or add new
animal to database
x x x
User defined interactive, split screen format allowing user to view the file, pedigree, and/or record details on a single screen simultaneously. Save multiple formats for future use.  x x x
View 2 different databases, side by side and import new
data at field or record level. 
  x x
Generates printed and html pedigrees with or without pictures. x x x
Generates printed pedigrees in jpg format    x x
Generates text e-mail pedigrees and progeny reports. Number of generations determined by user. Includes ability to select which fields to include in report. x x  x

Calculates Inbreeding Coefficients in seconds. User defines # of generations. Includes dynamic, interactive and 'what if' calculations. Utilizing split screens, user can immediately see impact of pedigree changes or updates upon coefficients. 

x x x
Generates 'deadend' report for any animal for user defined number of generations. Useful in analyzing accuracy of inbreeding coefficients. x x x
Fills-in and prints CFA show entry forms  x x  x

User can create new form templates from jpg files as needed, i.e. additional entry forms, sales contracts, etc. 

Database can be sorted or indexed by contents in any field including name, registration, color or title, date of birth, breeder, etc.   x


Imports records from other traditional pedigree programs as well as non-pedigree data from csv or excel files  x x x
Utilizes `dictionary' feature allowing user-defined standardization of prefixes, colors and titles to create uniformity and avoid duplicate records. Includes ability to translate Fife, EMS codes    x  x
Utilizes `scratch pad' editing for point and click data entry. Includes foreign date conversion, case translation and dictionary support.    x  x
Exports data files in p2020 and csv format. Allows users to define which records and fields are to be included or excluded.    x x
Create and use your own databases & add on data tables and/or data fields      x
Access any database that your Windows installation has ODBC drivers for. (Access, Excel, Fox Pro, Borland-Paradox ).    x x
Includes SQL query builder that can be used for building multi-table displays and reports, exports, etc.       x
Includes quick query feature allowing user to filter data on contents of any field.     x x



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