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Pedigrees2020 is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with EasyPedigreeDB.com.

EasyPedigreeDB.com provides a painless and flexible way to display pedigrees publicly on a website:

  • No FTP, CGI or HTML required!
  • Publish pedigrees online worldwide in just a few minutes.
  • Installed on your own web server or hosted for you.
  • Very affordable entry-level solutions.

EasyPedigreeDB.com can stand alone as a great solution to online pedigree publishing, but is made even easier when used with the new Pedigrees2020 WebAuthor edition:

  • Securely publish to the web right from Pedigrees2020.
  • Easily keep online versions synchronized with Pedigrees2020.
  • Securely share selected databases with other Pedigrees2020 users.

When users access a hosted database using a web edition of Pedigrees2020:

  • Valuable research data is provided to guide their breeding program.
  • Real time access to online databases with the familiar Pedigrees2020 interface.
  • Incomplete pedigrees will fill in with data from the online source.
  • More meaningful inbreeding coefficients are obtained.

For more information point a web browser to EasyPedigreeDB.com!

For more information on the Pedigrees2020 Displays that are used to access EasyPedigreeDB databases, see Sample Displays.


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